America's Greatest Generation. Fighting the Nazis 1944-1945 . The story reads like an Indiana Jones Movie. Nazi treasure, Underground tunnels, Guns, tanks, concentration camps. captured Germans. V2 rockets.

Bob Szwed 1944-1945 chasing Nazis across Europe. From Dachau to Munich. Half track army mobile Killing machines.

Captured Nazi SS soldiers, Passports from captured prisoners. Finding his brother in the middle of war torn Germany by chance.



















More images from 1941-1946

More family from the War Years

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Joseph Szwed the man & the mystery. Where did he come from and how did he get here? 1889-1959 Tracing the historical record

Julia Rurna Rada The historical records 1879-1924 Vintage pictures from 1900.

Vintage pictures

Rosalie Rada through the years

You think you know your own mother's name, Think again

Found the 1938 high school year book

What became of Adam Rada?

Who is Ronnie? Well, we know! Did he have kids? Pictures coming soon. At least I can meet with my extended family.

Pictures of Ron's kids and grandkids (coming soon)

My fathers wedding photo but my mother is not in it!

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R. Norbert Szwed The War Years